Tórshavn, set amid the clear waters of the North Atlantic, is one of the world’s smallest capitals, and one of the most pleasant cities in the world. What Tórshavn lacks in size, it more than makes up for by the warmth of its welcome!

The city has 20.000 inhabitants and is situated on the island of Streymoy, which is the largest island in the Faroes – located centrally in the archipelago. This makes the port ideal for excursions to all corners of the Faroes. The history of Tórshavn dates back more than one thousand years. Much of the earliest historical timber-built houses in Tórshavn date back to the 15-16th century.

These buildings have survived intact, and are today an attractive area, known as Tinganes.
Tinganes is the oldest parliament in Europe and is still housing the government of the Faroe Islands. Here you find history, traditional architecture and of course the people who still live in the area. Tórshavn has a rich and colorful history as a port community with strong traditions of serving the fishing industry. Today Tórshavn is the centre of all commercial and cruise traffic in the Faroe Islands.
Tórshavn blends the historical and picturesque with all the features of a modern city. The visitor will experience quality restaurants, interesting museums, exhibitions, sports facilities, parks, and, excellent shopping. The town and the surrounding areas are perfect for a pleasant stroll.

Location: 62°00’2 N / 006°46’1 W
Berth name:
Eastern breakwater. 5-10 minute walk from town centre.
There are three quays. The total quay length is 750 m. There is a water depth of up to 11 m.
Pilot: Not compulsory but recommended.

Port of Tórshavn · Box 103
FO-110 Tórshavn · Faroe Islands
Tel +298 31 17 62 · Mob. +298 21 17 62
Fax +298 31 90 59
port@torshavn.fo· www.portoftorshavn.fo

Harbour Master:
Jónsvein Lamhauge
Marketing Manager:
Sigird J. Othamar