Klaksvík is the capital of The Northern Islands and has all the facilities you expect to find in a town.
Klaksvík - situated around a very well-protected bay - is the main fishing port on the Faroe Islands.
The first settlement at Klaksvík dates back to Vikings times, but it was not before the 20th century that the districts merged to form a large, modern, Faroese town that became the cultural and commercial centre for the Northern Isles and the Faroes as a whole.

Today, 5.000 people live in the city. In spite of its relatively limited size the town has a special atmosphere and appearance inspiring a tangible feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

In 2006, the Northern Isles became connected with the central Faroes via the undersea Noroya tunnel to Leirvík on Eysturoy. This provided Klaksvík with an opportunity to become the centre of a powerful region that can compete with the central Faroes in the globalised community where there are no longer geographical limitations.

Location: 62°14’00 N / 006°35’60 W
Berth name: North Quay
Dimensions: Length 317 m. Depth 12 m.
Pilot: Not compulsory but recommended.

Klaksvíkar Havn
Vestara Bryggja, Box 26
Fo 710 Klaksvìk
Faroe Island

Tel +298455081
Fax +298457340